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Philadelphia, PA

Delaware County, PA
  • Runs from 5/1/2017 through 4/30/2022
  • “Put or pay” clause guarantees that the county burn 300,000 tons/year or pay anyway. Between 2015-2019, Delaware County sent an average of 357,246 tons of waste per year to Covanta. If the county were to reduce its waste by any more than 16%, the county would be financially penalized under the current contract.

New York City
  • 20-30 year contract, signed in 2013, for 800,000 tons/year of Manhattan, New York City trash by train from the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station to two Covanta incinerators, Covanta Niagara and Covanta Delaware Valley.

Ocean City, MD contract and 2015 amendment
  • Runs from 6/17/2012 through 12/31/2021.